2025 Ford Mustang GTD With 5,2 Liter V8 And 800 Horsepower Starts Testing At The Nürburgring SOUND!

With the GTD edition of the Mustang based on the GT3 format, Ford hopes to sub-seven minutes around the Ring.
Turn up the speakers. A V8 symphony isn’t uncommon at the Nurburgring, but it’s rarely in a ‘muscle’ edition. An American muscle car is rare during official testing, but the Ford Mustang GTD makes an impression and is definitely remembered…

When this road-going version of the Mustang GT3 race car debuted, Ford didn’t mind going to the Nurburgring with ambitions of setting a seriously fast lap time. The automaker believes the GTD can run the Nordschielfe loop in under 7 minutes, with testing now underway ahead of an official attempt later this year.

Source: CarSpyMedia / YouTube