Verstappen rejected any possibility of moving to Mercedes

The Dutch driver of Formula 1, Max Verstappen spoke about the speculations about the transfer to the Mercedes team.
The first man of Mercedes, Toto Wolff, has said on several occasions that he wants to hire Max Verstappen, who would thus take the place of Lewis Hamilton, who will leave the team at the end of this season and move to Ferrari.

But the three-time world champion made it clear that a move to Mercedes would be nothing.

“Such decisions are not made easily, and I’m very happy in my current team. I want to have the best car and that’s all I’m looking for. It’s there now and we’ll try to keep it the same in the years to come,” said Verstappen.

“Why would I leave the team with which I am in the best position and which I believe can dominate for a long time,” stated Verstappen.