Steiner: By moving to Ferrari, it is possible for Hamilton to take the 8th title

Former Haas boss Guenther Steiner believes Lewis Hamilton made the right decision to join Ferrari.

Hamilton shocked the motorsport world at the beginning of January when it was confirmed that he would leave Mercedes at the end of the season to make a big move to the Italian team.

The seven-time world champion has activated the break clause in his contract with Mercedes, which he signed only last summer, to join Ferrari on a multi-year deal.

With Mercedes having a difficult start to the season for the third season in a row, former Haasa boss Guenther Steiner believes that the British driver made the right decision as he did with the previous two teams.

“He seems to be making the right decision,” Steiner told Sky Sports News. “He did that when he left McLaren and went to Mercedes, so maybe he got this good.”

“But I think it’s more about the new challenge for him. He has been with the team for 11 years, he has won six championships, there are good relations there.”

“I think this is just the last step in his career, he wants a new challenge. And of course, your last challenge is Ferrari, it’s nice to have the opportunity for that.”

Hamilton has not won a race since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, so he could not fight for a record eighth world championship title after losing the title to Max Verstappen in the last race three years ago.

Guenther believes that Hamilton could win the title with the Italian team. He explained that nothing is impossible and that with a little luck he could easily get what he has in mind by moving to Ferrari.

“I think nothing is impossible. In 2026, there are completely new regulations regarding the engine and chassis, so then the cars will be modified,” he notes.

“And if he is a little lucky and in the right place, if Ferrari produces a good car, it is possible that he will get his eighth title,” Guenther Steiner added.