Mercedes won’t give Hamilton access to data!

Sergio Perez says Lewis Hamilton will not have access to data at Mercedes and will no longer attend meetings due to data portability.

Hamilton set the motorsport world on fire when he revealed he was activating a clause in his contract to join Ferrari from 2025.

While Hamilton wanted the news out as soon as possible to avoid speculation detracting from his season, it means the way he works with Mercedes will not be the same going forward.

It is almost certain that he will be on the sidelines of any future technical developments, for fear that the team’s ideas could become known to Ferrari after his arrival.

Perez believes that such a scenario could be fascinating this year, especially if Mercedes finds itself in a tough battle with one of its rivals.

Asked what he thought of Hamilton’s move to Ferrari, Perez said: “Interesting! But more than that, I think the dynamics will be interesting to observe from the outside.”

“Because we have a driver who starts the teams, we all know how jealous the teams are to share information, because Lewis has been there for many years and he will pass on a lot of knowledge to the other team. So, it will be an interesting dynamic to watch from the outside,” he added.

The Mexican’s teammate Max Verstappen has a similar attitude. The Dutchman believes that it is embarrassing for the German team and Hamilton that they have been doing this all season. However, he believes that both parties should behave professionally.

“It makes it a bit more difficult for the whole team to work together throughout the year,” said the world champion.

“But of course they are all professionals, so I’m sure they will be able to handle it, also because they have achieved so much success together. But of course you will not be allowed to attend certain meetings.”