Mercedes will begin key upgrades in the coming races

Mercedes is quietly collecting important data for the W15 in which they are starting their new development phase. There will be no magic wand for the Silver Arrows, and capturing the top three is unlikely. However, there is a growing belief that the technical team under the leadership of James Allison knows how to move forward.

For some time now, questions have surrounded the efficiency of the Mercedes wind tunnel. Even now, Aston Martin (which uses the German company’s wind tunnel) sees a discrepancy between the simulation data and the track.

However, the Brackley-based operation is finding its footing. Although W15 is still far from fighting for victories, their behavior has become more predictable. Other than that, the latest upgrades worked as expected. This is a critical development.


Following previous reports, Mercedes will bring an almost constant flow of upgrades to the W15 between the Spanish and Belgian GPs. Improvements designed to consolidate the lessons of the 2024 team are in the works.

The upgrade philosophy was already very aggressive, with a wide range of front wing specifications introduced at Miami, Imola and Monaco. Three different floors have also been used this season, indicating the team’s efforts to ‘experiment’. However, the Silver Arrows are confident enough in their understanding of W15 to pursue a less risky approach.

Mercedes’ update program will remain aggressive for the foreseeable future as the team tries to make up for lost time.

Although Monaco is somewhat out of sorts, the Principality resulted in Hamilton and Russell being far more satisfied with the car’s balance. Going forward, the technical team should have better baselines to start the weekend. This should help prevent the unpredictable performance we’ve come to expect lately.

Of course, there is no guarantee that Mercedes’ upgrades will have the desired effect. This era of F1 is characterized by cars that are difficult to keep in an ideal showcase. Mercedes knows this better than anyone else.

However, the team will not be abandoning their car for 2024 anytime soon. Although the regulations for 2026 are not far away. The engine department at Brixworth is far more active in preparations for 2026 than the aerodynamics department. Work on the design for 2026 will not begin in earnest until January 1 next year.

Until then, the Silver Arrows will continue their efforts to make W15 better. Toto Wolff believes Mercedes are on the right track – time will tell if his team has finally cracked the code.