Hamilton: The arrival of Newey at Ferrari would be great

Adrian Newey is leaving Red Bull in 2025, and apparently he is going to Ferrari, which will start a new era next season. It will be an era in which the red car will be driven by Lewis Hamilton, and if the best creator of F1 cars is also there, it seems that the great days of the Italian team are coming back.

Adrian Newey has worked at Red Bull as the main technical man since 2006 and is one of the most important factors in Red Bull’s winning championship titles with Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen.

It was announced that at the beginning of next year he will leave Red Bull, and everyone is already talking about him going to Ferrari. It is already known that Ferrari will have Lewis Hamilton replacing Carlos Sainz.

“He has done so much in the history of Formula 1. He has obviously done a great job in his career and identified with the teams and has a great knowledge. I think it would be great if he would come. Ferrari already has a great team. They have made great progress and their car is faster this season. It would be a great privilege to work with him,” said Lewis Hamilton.

Newey and Hamilton almost worked together at McLaren. In 2006, Newey left the team, while Hamilton joined in 2007.

“It was a continuation of his car then. I only came after his departure and that car was developed from his concept. I was privileged to drive the car he worked on,” added the former champion.