George Russell wins pole position for the Canadian Grand Prix

Qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix was held in conditions where rain was expected at any moment because the clouds over the Gilles Villeneuve track were such that something like this could happen because the conditions for such a thing were at 80% according to the forecast.

Several drivers took to the track, and those who waited for the forecast started much later. Max Verstappen recorded a 1:15.194, after which Norris, Stroll, Alonso, Russell, Norris, Verstappen, Russell changed the leading positions, of which the Mercedes driver recorded the fastest lap in 1:13.242.

There was a lot of congestion in the lower section, where Perez was on the verge of elimination and Hamilton, Tsunoda and Piastri were under investigation. Norris and sub Hamilton jump to the 1st position, but Verstappen jumps to the first position. Top 5: Verstappen, Tsunoda, Hamilton, Albon, Piastri. Out: Perez, Bottas, Ocon, Hulkenberg, Zhou.

A big crowd was created at the beginning of Q2. Everyone lined up, and the rain started to fall while the drivers were on slick tires. Russell recorded 1:13.121, followed by Hamilton, Piastri. Max Verstappen is under investigation for not following the referee’s instructions.

Russell once again set the fastest lap in a time of 1:12.323 as they were very tight going into the final lap. Norris jumped into the lead towards the end, but Hamilton passed Norris, but Russell set the fastest lap. Top 5: Russell, Hamilton, Norris, Tsunoda, Piastri. Out: Leclerc, Sainz, Sargeant, Magnussen, Gasly.

After the expulsion of both Ferrari drivers, there was a big fight for pole position . Piastri recorded 1:12.713 . Verstappen was faster 1: 12.359 . Russell clocked 1:12,000. Hamilton 1: 1 2. 2 00 , so Russell had provisional pole position .

Piastri opened the final laps. The Australian set a time of 1:12.103. Norris went 1:12.021. Verstappen went 1:12.000. Hamilton tried to improve his teammate’s time, but made a mistake, so Russell took pole position for the Canadian Grand Prix.