Exclusive news : Mercedes is going for Verstappen!

Dutch driver Max Verstappen has the best chance to replace Lewis Hamilton at the wheel of Mercedes next season, who will move to Ferrari. As the German “AMuS” reports, the current champion could be pushed towards the “silver arrow” by an affair with the first man of the Austrian team, Christian Horner.

Horner allegedly sent inappropriate messages to a female colleague over a long period of time. An internal investigation came to the conclusion that he is innocent, but not everyone accepts that. Among them is Jos Verstappen, a former driver in the F1 championship and Max’s father, who wants Horner to leave the team.
“There will be tension while Christian is part of Red Bull. The team could be torn apart while that’s the case, explode. It can’t go on like this. Horner is playing the victim, and in fact he’s creating problems,” the elder Verstappen told “Daily Mail”.

The first man of that team Toto Wolff, who does not have too many hopes, announced the news about Max’s arrival at Mercedes.

“Max in Mercedes? Of course he would like that, but I think the champions are looking for the fastest cars. And he currently has that in Red Bull. So it’s hard, really hard, if it’s feasible,” said Wolff .

Verstappen has a contract with Red Bull until 2028 and objectively the best car, so, apart from the “Horner” affair, the question arises as to why he would leave the team that brought him three championship titles.

Recently, he started the new season in the best way, celebrating in the race for the Bahrain Grand Prix.