Carlos Sainz started negotiations with Mercedes

Carlos Sainz’s managers have reportedly started negotiations with Mercedes. The Spaniard was sidelined at the start of February in favor of Lewis Hamilton, who will join Ferrari from 2025. Could the two switch places? Or is Mercedes boss Toto Wolff waiting for other options?

Italian news magazine Corriere dello Sport reports that Carlos Sainz’s management has met with Mercedes management. Several drivers are aiming for a place to sign with the Silver Arrows.

With the departure of Lewis Hamilton, the seat at Mercedes has become a great opportunity for drivers. Sainz, who is still out of contract for the upcoming season, will undoubtedly want to try as well. According to Italian newspapers, negotiations have already begun.

“During the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz’s entire entourage remained in the Mercedes garage for a long time,” the newspaper claimed. “Sainz’s contract at Ferrari expires at the end of the season and for that reason his manager Carlos Onorio, along with the driver’s father, Carlos Sainz Jr., spoke extensively with Toto Wolff.”

A long list of candidates

Sainz is the latest addition to the long list of possible replacements for Lewis Hamilton. Experienced drivers such as Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel are often mentioned, but young talent such as Andrea Kimi Antonelli is also a popular option.

Toto Wolff has now also expressed interest in Max Verstappen. The reigning world champion is on thin ice while Red Bull is threatened with disintegration behind the scenes.

It is common knowledge that the Spanish driver is a kind of engineer, as former world champion Jenson Button called him during his time driving for McLaren and helping them into the top 3.

Carlos has additional information about how the Italian team’s power unit works, so Mercedes could use such an additional option because they have had a pretty bad start in this regard this season as well.