Allison is Mercedes’ guarantee for the top of the grid

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says that the extension of cooperation with technical director James Allison is a guarantee of the team’s stability at the top of the grid .

Last month, Mercedes announced that James Allison had signed a new long-term contract to remain the Silver Arrows’ technical director.

This position was held by Mike Elliott at the time when the German team started to develop the car in the new era of F1.

The famous concept of zero sidewalls resulted in Mercedes returning to the top after being defeated in 2021.

However, poor knowledge of the rules and reduced development time in the wind tunnel led to major problems.

Mercedes fell in performance. The car was unrecognizable because it was not possible to drive it normally.

Hamilton and Russell found themselves in uncomfortable positions as they were additionally affected by the bouncing problem.

All this resulted in a change in the concept, but also in the technical management. Allison is in charge of the W15 to bring Mercedes back to the top.

The boss of the German team makes it clear that they have done the right thing by signing [extension] the British engineer.

“James is a great leader,” said the Austrian

“It was in the past and it will be in the future. By re-signing him for a very long period, we are guaranteed stability at the very top of the grid,” he pointed out.

“But there are many other very valuable leaders who have made short- to long-term commitments, and others will join them.”

“I think we really tried to understand what kind of organization we want to have in the future and I’m happy that we were able to do it without compromise,” added the Mercedes boss.