Volkswagen celebrates the world premiere of the Golf GTI Clubsport at the Nurburgring 24 Hours race

Golf GTI Clubsport 24h, Golf GTI Clubsport and Golf GTI 1st Generation

-World premiere of the most powerful Golf with front-wheel drive: Volkswagen will present the new Golf GTI Clubsport in front of a large crowd of fans
-Racing premiere: unique Golf GTI Clubsport 24h will take part in the ADAC 24-hour race at the Nürburgring powered by the new E20 fuel
-Golf history: three fast Golf GTIs from the first generation on the starting grid of the ADAC 24h Classic race

The countdown for Germany’s largest motorsport event has started: the legendary ADAC 24-hour race will start at the Nürburgring on 1 June, with more than 200,000 spectators expected. This time, the event will also be a stage for the most successful European car of all time: the Golf. Volkswagen is celebrating the icon’s 50th birthday at the Nürburgring. And this celebration will be quite impressive: Volkswagen is presenting the new Golf GTI Clubsport with powerful drive and high-end sports suspension to visitors as a world premiere. The second highlight is the participation of the Golf GTI Clubsport 24h in the 24-hour race. The one-off GTI with an output of 256 kW / 348 PS will be driven by motorsport stars such as Benny Leuchter (Germany) and Johan Kristoffersson (Sweden). The starting number of the GTI race car powered by alternative fuel: the number 50, of course – a birthday gift from the organiser for half a century of the Golf success story. In addition, as a tribute to the more than 37 million Golf vehicles built to date, three classic Golf GTIs will take part in the ADAC 24h Classic race.

Golf GTI Clubsport 24h

World premiere of the new Golf GTI Clubsport. This represents the start of a true GTI weekend: on Friday afternoon (31 May, 4:30 p.m.), Volkswagen will unveil the Golf GTI Clubsport, the most powerful Golf with front-wheel drive, in front of thousands of visitors and present it on the ‘Ring Boulevard’. The enhanced Golf GTI Clubsport is characterised by a completely redesigned front, which has become even more powerful and more distinct. The standard LED Plus headlights have been revamped. In addition, the Volkswagen logo at the front is illuminated for the first time. A large roof spoiler at the rear ensures maximum downforce. The LED tail light clusters have also had a makeover. The 19-inch Queenstown alloy wheels are also new. With their striking design of five oval semi-circles, they evoke the classic Detroit wheel, which was introduced for the fifth-generation Golf GTI. As a further option, the Golf GTI Clubsport can be configured with the new 19-inch Warmenau forged wheel. With a weight of only eight kilograms per wheel rim, the forged wheels reduce the unsprung masses and thus optimise performance. The functions of the Golf GTI Clubsport are coordinated via a newly developed multifunction leather sports steering wheel and a new Infotainment system. This is extremely intuitive and ensures that the driver can concentrate even better on the road ahead. In addition, the new GTI top model has the new voice assistant IDA with Chat GPT integration.

Golf GTI Clubsport 24h and Golf GTI 1st Generation

The “Special” driving profile is adapted to the Nordschleife. The performance and torque of the GTI turbocharged engineare transferred to the track via an electronically controlled front differential lock. The DCC adaptive chassis control is available as optional equipment. Another highlight of the Golf GTI Clubsport is the exclusive Special driving profile. This matches systems relevant for driving dynamics to the special track characteristics of the Nürburgring Nordschleife – in order to compensate for the undulations typical of the Nordschleife, maximum performance is achieved by means of a specific vertical setup of the DCC adaptive chassis control and a modified lateral dynamics setup of the standard Vehicle Dynamics Manager.

Motorsport becomes a test laboratory for the use of alternative fuels. The Golf GTI Clubsport 24h used by Max Kruse Racing in the 24-hour race impressively demonstrates the potential of the new Golf GTI Clubsport because the production GTI served as the development basis for the race car. The latter was built by Volkswagen Motorsport, and the car was initially transferred to Volkswagen Classic in 2021 after the end of its motorsport activities. The prototype has now been reactivated and further perfected by racing driver Benny Leuchter and his team Max Kruse Racing specifically for use on the race track also known as ‘The Green Hell’. The race car will start in the AT3 class (SP3T / class for vehicles with “alternative fuels”), as the 348 PS 2.0-litre turbocharged engine is powered by a new bioethanol fuel from technology partner Shell: the high-tech fuel E20. The extremely knock-resistant fuel enables significantly more efficient operation of the near-production GTI engine thanks to software adaptation and ensures a significantly greater reduction in CO2 emissions than the familiar bioethanol fuels E5 and E10. The E20 fuel developed at the Shell Technology Centre in Hamburg reduces CO2 emissions in the well-to-wheel balance by 35 to 40 per cent, as it contains a further 40 per cent share of renewable components from residual and waste materials in addition to the 20 per cent bioethanol content.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport

Powerful race car, strong team. The 270 km/h Golf GTI Clubsport 24h delivers first-class performance for a compact athlete. This is due firstly to its technical basis: the 1,170 kg Volkswagen has a weight-to-power ratio of 3.36 kg/PS. The turbocharged engine sends a maximum of 450 Nm of torque to the front axle. The efficient E20 fuel, of which the Golf GTI Clubsport 24h has up to 100 litres in the tank, also ensures excellent power output. The second success factor for the race is the driver team put together by Max Kruse Racing. Benny Leuchter won a class victory in the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring in 2017 driving a Golf GTI TCR. In 2019, he was also the first German to win a WTCR qualifying race – in the Golf GTI TCR at the Nürburgring. One of the best racing drivers in the world is Johan Kristoffersson, who has written motorsport history with Volkswagen as the current and six-time FIA World Rallycross Champion. The Swede was Benny Leuchter’s teammate in the WTCR and also won a Nürburgring race there with the Golf GTI TCR. This well-established team is supported by the two German Nürburgring professionals Nico Otto and Heiko Hammel. From the outside, the Golf GTI Clubsport 24h, equipped with a racing camera, attracts attention with its sophisticated aerodynamics and a special camouflage design that was previously only used on the Golf GTI Clubsport’s camouflaged production vehicles.

Golf GTI 1st Generation

Three GTIs in the ADAC 24h Classic race. Before the main race, three first-generation classic Golf GTIs will create a fantastic atmosphere among visitors to the Eifel track at the ADAC 24h Classic. All three cars will start in the KWL Motorsport team, which is celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2024. 45 years of KWL, 50 years of Golf – a perfect double anniversary on the Nordschleife. The team from Burscheid will enter a legendary Golf GTI 16S Oettinger (Group 4) from 1981 that has an output of 208 PS. Just as legendary: a 1978 Golf GTI Kamei (Group 2) with 183 PS. The third classic model is wrapped in the GTI camouflage design (with the ‘50 years of Golf’ logo): a 1980 Golf GTI from Group 2 with an output of 184 PS.

Source : Volkswagen