Hamilton brings many engineers with him to Ferrari

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton will attract a lot of people with his departure from Mercedes and other teams to his new destination in Maranello, reports the Italian Formula1 which knows very well the events at Ferrari.

The news, which shocked the motorsport world, but also the leadership of Mercedes, brought a turn in Hamilton’s career. The British driver decided to end his career in the German team and move to Ferrari.

The seven-time champion last year signed an extension with the Silver Arrows for 2024 and 2025, but put a clause in his contract that he has the right to leave after one year.

The Briton took advantage of such an agreement and decided to go towards the historically most famous team in motorsport -Ferrari -, the team with which he signed a multi-year contract.

Hamilton has hit the road and is heading to a team that has driven almost all of the best drivers ever in Formula 1 history. But as things stand, that will set off an avalanche of moves and arrivals for his new team in 2025.

– Lewis Hamilton does not arrive at Ferrari alone. His arrival at Ferrari will bring numerous engineers from the competition, not only from Mercedes but also from other teams. It will see some engineering transfers to Ferrari. The British driver will not make Vettel’s mistake of coming alone to Maranello. The whole group comes with Lewis. This is also important for Ferrari, says this journalist.

– Peter Bonnington would be welcome at Ferrari, they gave him the green light. It’s all up to Bonnington to make the final decision. He is an excellent performance/race engineer, he can bring his knowledge and experience and great psychological capacity to the team. Especially in difficult times, and that would be important for Ferrari, it was pointed out.

On the other hand, it is noted that Charles Leclerc is very pleased to have a seven-time champion as a teammate from 2025.

– Charles Leclerc is very happy about the arrival of Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari. He has known this for a long time and is overjoyed to face the multiple world champion he admires. He also has the chance to emerge victorious from this duel, but above all to learn a lot from Lewis Hamilton. Because he knows how to manage his tires even better like Lewis Hamilton, Charles is ready for anything.

– Charles Leclerc’s contract is actually 2 years + 2 years, and Lewis Hamilton’s will be 2 years + 1 year. The 2026 season will be very important. Ferrari and Mercedes are the most advanced engine teams for 2026.

– Xavier Marcos was confirmed by Charles Leclerc and wants to continue working with him. As for race engineers, it’s the drivers who make most of the decisions.

– Lewis Hamilton’s choice is a winning choice. He has already won everything, and now he will try to make even more history by winning the title with Ferrari. He will end his career in a red suit. For Ferrari, just in terms of marketing, it’s extraordinary. Financially, it is historical. Even in a sporting sense, the idea is exciting. F1 will gain from this transfer.

– It all started 3 weeks ago when Ferrari made his plan. And to sign a world champion driver like Lewis Hamilton alongside Charles Leclerc is probably the biggest deal in F1 history. On paper, the Leclerc/Hamilton driver line-up is a huge advantage for Ferrari. The choice may seem highly marketing, but it’s very technical, and Elkann/Vasseur’s goal is for the team to thrive.

In addition, it was pointed out that Carlos Sainz had high hopes for the extension of the contract and that he will have to gain the trust of the people at Ferrari, who did not hesitate to bring Lewis Hamilton.

– The Sainz clan is disappointed because it had high hopes for the renewal of the contract. He will have to work with people who didn’t really believe in him 100% this year, so it’s not easy to find harmony. But he will do his best with Ferrari in 2024, because he will have to prove his worth to others. Carlos did a good job at Ferrari, but the opportunity to sign Lewis Hamilton was there and Ferrari didn’t hesitate for a second.

As for Ferrari’s SF-24 car, they gave some details on what is being worked on.

– The suspension of the Ferrari SF-24 will be significantly modified: the kinematic properties will undergo major changes, and a great emphasis is placed on stopping the bouncing effect.