New, Modernized 1967 Shelby GT500 Launched in Celebration of Carroll Shelby Centennial

An exciting new 1967 Shelby GT500 model built by Hi-Tech Automotive has been announced in honor of the Carroll Shelby Centennial. Licensed by Carroll Shelby Licensing, this modernized reproduction of the iconic 1967 GT500 features an all-new factory assembled steel body modernized suspension, contemporary drivetrain and more. Sold as a rolling chassis through Utah based Hi-Tech Legends, the chassis comes fully assembled, painted and ready for the customer’s choice of engine and transmission.

The “restomod” concept of restoring and then modernizing original classic cars has gained much popularity in recent times, particularly with the younger generation. Still keeping with the styling of the original car but offering a significantly more sharp and refined driving experience, it is common to see classic cars being equipped with modern engines, upgraded brakes, suspensions, and interiors.

Nick Price, a Director of Hi-Tech Automotive said “Our aim is to remove the inconsistencies that are typically characteristic of a restomod build. Our modernized 1967 Shelby GT500 is not a restored original but rather a modern-day reproduction of that vehicle built brand new from the ground up in a factory-controlled environment, a term which we have coined a ‘REPROmod’.”

Hi-Tech Automotive’s licensed 1967 GT500 has an all-new factory assembled steel body, a fully independent front and rear suspension including CNC machined billet aluminum uprights, modern 6-piston calipers, an original style GT500 interior upholstered in the highest quality German Nappa leather, electric power steering, custom sound system, electronic handbrake, air conditioning and more. Engineered to accept both a 6 speed manual or the latest Ford 10 speed automatic transmission, options for engines included but are not limited to both a naturally aspirated or supercharged 5-liter Ford Coyote V8, or alternatively the latest Ford 5.2-liter Predator V8 motor.

Every GT500 reproduction body is assembled using brand new steel panels fitted in purpose-built jigs and fixtures before being digitally aligned and welded together using modern welding techniques. Highly skilled artisans finish the body using traditional “coach building” methods resulting in an exceptionally straight body. The composite hood, trunk, rear quarter extensions and side air intake scoops which distinguish the 1967 Shelby GT500 from its Mustang counterpart are all molded in-house from glass reinforced epoxy resin. Bodies are epoxy primed, seams are sealed, and the underside is coated with a high-quality rock guard type product. Both primer and paint are applied in state-of-the-art paint booths according to a specially developed 64-step paint process, using exclusively Glasurit paint products. During final bodywork stage, the iconic Shelby center stripe, side stripes and body are painted in the customer’s choice of colors.

Hi-Tech Automotive also designed its own fully independent front and rear suspension. Justin Price, Hi-Tech’s Director of Engineering said, “With this high-end product we understand that our customers expect only the absolute best in terms of driver experience. The challenge in meeting that requirement led to our decision to design our own fully independent front and rear subframe type suspension using Computer Aided Design and sophisticated suspension optimization software.”

The GT500’s interior panels, dash and center console are covered in German sourced Nappa leather, the roof lined in Alcantara, and the floors and trunk covered in plush OEM quality cut-pile carpeting. After finding the classic style passenger and driver seats did not provide the support nor reflect the level of quality required, engineers decided to incorporate a set of Recaro Specialist M driver and passenger seats. Both are tastefully reupholstered in what can be described as a modern interpretation of the classic deluxe style Shelby seat. Both the driver and passenger side seats are power adjustable in the fore and aft positions, and the seat tracks have been lengthened to provide additional leg room.

For 30 years, manufacturer Hi-Tech Automotive has specialized in providing enthusiasts with the opportunity to own factory manufactured replicas of some of America’s most iconic sports cars from the 60’s. In the mid 1990’s, Hi-Tech pioneered the factory manufactured “rolling chassis” concept of replica vehicle. It was company founder, Jim Price, who first realized the opportunity to offer American automotive enthusiasts a fully built-up factory manufactured replica as an alternative to the kits of parts that were available to the public at the time.

With a factory based in South Africa and run by Jim’s sons Justin and Nick Price, Hi-Tech Automotive is currently also the manufacturer for two of the biggest names in the industry, namely Superformance and Shelby Legendary Cars. Current models being built at the factory include the CSX 4000/6000 series 427 S/C and 289 Shelby Cobras, the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe and a GM Licensed Grand Sport Corvette, as well as both the Superformance GT40 MKI and MKII. Having manufactured over 6,000 of these high-quality replica vehicles for the American market to date, this latest Hi-Tech Legends 1967 Shelby GT500 is a culmination of several years of development and considered as their best offering to the market yet.

Jim Price, who at 76 is still actively involved in the business said, “After more than eight years in development, our team of engineers really took their time in getting this one right. Be assured, after more than 30 years in this industry, this is by far the most advanced product to ever come out of our factory. This truly is an exceptional vehicle.”

Hi-Tech Automotive established Utah based HiTech Legends, LLC. in partnership with American based Tom Kirkham. He co-founded Kirkham Motorsports who are renowned for developing the aluminum bodied 427 and 289 Cobra’s built in Poland. More recently, he built a limited run of licensed aluminum bodied Shelby “Secret Weapon” Cobra Daytona Coupes. With Tom at the helm, Hi-Tech Legends will manage sales and distribution of their Shelby GT500 product in the United States.

Integral to the project, Hi-Tech Legends worked closely with M. Neil Cummings, Esq., CEO of Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc. on a licensing agreement to allow the company to bring this 1967 Shelby GT500 to market.

“Hi-Tech Automotive has built Shelby licensed products for the past 18 years,” said Mr. Cummings. “Based on the thousands of cars they’ve delivered to Shelby fans worldwide, we’re confident this will be a successful program that expands the family of Shelby vehicles available to collectors and enthusiasts. It’s fitting that as we wind down the Carroll Shelby Centennial, this modernized reproduction of one of Carroll’s most iconic cars cranks up production.”

Each Hi-Tech Legends 1967 Shelby GT500 rolling chassis is offered complete less engine and transmission. The selection, purchase and installation of the drivetrain are the buyer’s responsibility. Upon request, Hi-Tech Legends can provide the buyer with a list of independent installers who can assist with the installation of engine and transmission.

Indicative pricing is available on the company’s website where a customer can configure a Shelby GT500. With options, pricing for a rolling chassis comes in under $230,000.00. Depending on the engine package a customer chooses, after installation of engine and transmission Hi-Tech Legends has indicated that customers can expect to be on the road for under $270,000.00.

2024 production of the Shelby GT500 will be limited to twenty vehicles. The current pricing reflected on the website will apply to those twenty vehicles; thereafter, pricing will likely be reassessed. Slots will be allocated on a first come first served basis with payment of a refundable deposit confirming a booking for one of the initial twenty vehicles being built. Thereafter, people can request their names be entered on to an order list and to be contacted as soon as further slots become available.

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