Wolff: Mercedes is still considering 1 or 2 options for 2025

Mercedes is still evaluating its driver options for 2025. Kimi Antonelli remains the leading candidate to join the Silver Arrows, but that is not a foregone conclusion. Mercedes is expected to keep things open in the coming weeks and months. Over the past few days, Toto Wolff has given little insight into the decision-making process at Brackley.

For the first time in 2024, the W15 fought for a win in Canada. This meant that, unlike in the opening races, Toto Wolff could speak from a position of strength about the development plan being implemented in the team.

This marks a welcome change for the Mercedes boss. So far, his interviews for the media this year have primarily consisted of analyzing who could be George Russell’s partner next season. Instead, his three days in Montreal were focused on the possibility of constantly fighting for wins.

Yet even with this welcome change in themes, there are still unanswered questions about the 2025 driver line-up.


With rumors surfacing about Kimi Antonella, the 52-year-old claims nothing has been officially finalized.

“We haven’t made a decision yet because there are still one or two people who could be interesting,” Germany’s Motorsport-Total quoted Wolff as saying.

This statement is consistent with the idea that, at least for now, Mercedes has not pulled the trigger on Antonelli. Despite the team’s trust in the Italian driver, he is still only seventeen years old. Waiting for the Formula 2 season to develop (with a rigorous testing program) seems like the most sensible approach.

Of course, there are not many alternatives on the market. With Carlos Sainz believed to be out of action, it’s unclear who else is on Mercedes’ radar.

This is not to say that someone like Esteban Ocon, for example, would be incapable of doing a respectable job for the Silver Arrows.

However, so far Toto Wolff has only suggested ‘big names’ like Verstappen or (earlier in the season) Alonso for 2025. The Austrian could easily have mentioned Nico Hulkenberg as viable options at the start of the year.

This makes it difficult to imagine who else could join Mercedes in 2025. In any case, it is important not to jump. Kimi Antonelli may be the favourite, but a lot can change in the next few months.