Red Bull believes that Max Verstappen would have won the Canadian Grand Prix if he had driven a Mercedes car

Red Bull’s long-time motorsport advisor Helmut Marko believes that Max Verstappen would have won the Canadian Grand Prix if he had driven a McLaren or Mercedes car as the performances between the three fastest teams were so similar.

In qualifying, Verstappen drove the same time as Russell and started second, and after 20 laps he lost his position to Norris and overtook Russell.

Although the McLaren driver had built up a lead of almost ten seconds, the safety car nullified his advantage and allowed Verstappen to retake the lead, and later McLaren left Norris on track a lap too long on rain tires and Verstappen was no longer threatened on his way to a sixth win this season.

Since McLaren, Red Bull and Mercedes had a similar speed this weekend, strategic decisions and driving mistakes that Verstappen successfully avoided were decisive, and that’s why Marko believes that the Dutchman would have won if he had driven McLaren or Mercedes, reports MAXF1.

“Yes!” Marko told ORF when asked if Verstappen would have won if he had driven for those two teams.

“Only Max has the overview of the race and the confidence to step on the gas when needed. In addition, our team chose the absolutely correct strategy.”

After Red Bull opened this season with two double wins and won 21 out of 22 races last year, there was a fear that they would win all the races this year.

But thanks to improvements for McLaren, Ferrari, and recently for Mercedes, Red Bull has much more competition than last season.

“It won’t be a clear story because our car and our simulator have certain weaknesses,” said Marko.

“But we are working hard to get it right. We always knew we weren’t going to win every race. It is good for us that the others cannot achieve any constancy. If everything is normal for us, Max will be ahead in the race.”

Marko also referred to the situation with Perez, who was told by the team to continue driving towards the pits after damaging his rear wing in a collision with the barriers to avoid the safety car coming out, which could have put Verstappen under pressure.

“We’re not going to talk about it anymore, we’re going to get over the three-place demotion,” Marko said of Perez’s Spanish GP penalty for driving the car in an unsafe condition.

“At the time, we didn’t know how serious the damage was. We couldn’t see with the camera angle we had and we wanted Checo to continue because anything is possible in this race. And you never know how much debris will fly. Others drove around with multiple parts hanging off. Lewis Hamilton won once at Silverstone on three wheels [2020 years].”

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