Mercedes wants to make an additional step forward and fight constantly for victories

Toto Wolff not only celebrated George Russell’s victory at the Austrian Grand Prix, he is also extremely pleased with the pace at which Mercedes is introducing improvements to the W15. They’ve brought upgrades to almost every race, something he says the factory is working on at full steam.

Russell’s victory in Austria was the result of a collision between Max Verstappen and Lando Norris. If there was one beneficiary, it was the British driver, and ultimately Mercedes.

But that was something unimaginable at the beginning of the season when the W15 car could not show the performance it promised in the simulator on the track. However, the head of the German team expressed his view of what is happening with his team.

“We make improvements almost every race. The factory is firing hard on all cylinders,” said Wolff.

“We’ve never had this in 12 years, that we’ve been able to develop, design, manufacture, bring it to the track and have quality parts. Seriously, I’ve never seen a pace like that. We made improvements at every race.”

They don’t want the Austrian to stop there. He hopes that in the coming months, their victory will become something much more common. To be able to fight wheel to wheel at the top.

“Every race we will make improvements and I hope that by the summer break we will be able to make another step. Everyone works hard.”

“But if we can close that gap a bit, I think it was 15 seconds in 70 laps, so two tenths per lap… and that’s good. It’s third place and hopefully, if we manage to halve it, we’ll be able to drive at the top,” he assures.

Russell was 13 seconds behind the race leader when the crash occurred, leaving Norris out of the race and Verstappen fifth. It would have been impossible for the British to have been able to fight for victory without some strange event like what happened in Austria.

“In terms of speed, we were the third fastest car. And that’s how we’ve been for the last three weekends, and it’s very encouraging to see that upward trend, and the consolidation of the trend.” he explains.

For the German team, it is already an achievement. The bad pace of W15 in the race at the beginning of the year is the most realistic proof that they have improved a lot.

“But the races happen on Sundays. Sometimes we were on the attack, and today we benefited from an incident at the top. It’s good to have that win under your belt this year. That means four teams have won races this year.”

“That’s good to know and it’s certainly now a big boost for the team to get to the point where we’re capable in terms of actual performance to fight for the win. And I think we will do it,” added Toto Wolff.