Mercedes’ “third element” on the suspension significantly improved the car’s performance

According to the Italian media, the German team has a new innovation.
Ever since the beginning of the season, Mercedes has never been able to compete with the then leading Red Bull and even Ferrari, but in the last two months the situation has turned around. The team from Berkeley managed to record two victories, but most importantly, they significantly improved their performance on the track.

Mercedes has a lot more than just the front wing that they prepared for the race in Monaco. As suspected, this information was hidden all the time, and since the Austrian Grand Prix, Mercedes presented a new version of the front suspension with a third element. This could be noticed on the front part of the car, by the appearance of a protrusion (in the picture above number 44) which has the task of reducing the surface damping of the suspension and thus providing a softer platform for the aerodynamics themselves. This portal further writes that in this way, Mercedes engineers managed to remove the bouncing effect from the W15 car, which was the main problem since the beginning of the season.