Mercedes is confident that it is in a very good position for 2026

Mercedes has been the recipient of positive news over the past week. The team’s performance in Canada brings a welcome change to the narrative. However, they are still aware that the fight for the title in 2024 or 2025 will be difficult, and there is a big emphasis on the new rules for 2026 to try to make a comeback.

It’s hard to find a team that dominated Formula 1 like Mercedes from 2014 to 2021. They started the hybrid era with a big advantage and kept it until the new regulatory cycle.

But the opposite happened for the Silver Arrows in 2022. Misleading data from the simulator led Mercedes astray with the problematic W13 car. It took more than two years for the record holders in consecutive constructors’ titles to regroup and understand their package.

Despite this recent progress, there is still some way to go – both in terms of pure performance and in the championship standings.


Fortunately for the Silver Arrows, the new set of regulations is only eighteen months away. As Mercedes knows better than anyone, it’s important to start a new era with a strong foundation.

This is especially important in an era of limited budgets. Weak development is punished, while efficient work is greatly rewarded.

Speaking of which, German team boss Toto Wolff revealed his confidence ahead of the arrival of the new rules.

“I think we are in a very good position for 2026. We are ambitious with the goals we have set for the power unit, for the battery, for the fuel.”

“And if we manage to produce a decent chassis. We are a good offer.”

Several prominent figures echoed this sentiment. Alex Albon, for example, admitted that the Mercedes engine contributed to his decision to continue driving for Williams

Additionally, if rumors are to be believed, Carlos Sainz is leaning towards joining Williams. The fact that Sainz is considering this move (with an Audi contract still available) shows the belief in Mercedes engines across the paddock.

George Russell also showed great confidence during the year when he discussed 2026.

“Usually 2026 seems like a long way off. But in the world of Formula 1, it will be here tomorrow. And the team is feeling really confident for this era.”

The consensus is clear – Mercedes should not be ignored. Of course, the ground effect will still be present on the cars for 2026, with the fact that it will be to a lesser extent than in previous years.

Moreover, Mercedes seems to have understood this generation of cars. When all that is added up, it is understandable why there is confidence in the German team.