Mercedes brings upgrades to the next two races

Mercedes will bring new upgrades to their W15 for the next two races, continuing in the direction they have been heading for the past few weeks. Let’s remind you, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell won the last two races, and in Great Britain they showed in the qualifications that the car has been reborn and that they have the speed to secure the first starting row.

Mercedes has been struggling with the cars since 2022, when the new technical regulations were introduced, and Toto Wolff says that progress began when they finally understood the behavior of the cars.

“Suddenly everything clicked.”

“There was a moment when everything started to make sense under James [Allison] and it became clear to us why we were so far behind.”

“The key thing is how we balance the car and how we bring upgrades. It’s not about some magical front wing, it’s about balance.”

Now that they have found a good development direction – Mercedes continues with upgrades:

“We are finding performance, preparing upgrades and it all shows in the lap times. This was not the case during the last two years.”

“There is still a lot of room for improvement. We are bringing upgrades to Budapest and Spa. But, on the other hand, we must not get too carried away. Last week we won by taking advantage of Max Verstappen’s collision with Lando Norris, but we had good speed, you could see that. George was in the lead and we were present in almost all conditions.”

Wolff admitted that despite the victory in Austria, he did not expect such a good weekend at Silverstone.

“Last weekend we were not far. When you look at the gap before their collision – it was 2 tenths per lap, a little more than that. It’s the closest we’ve been in a long time to a track that doesn’t normally suit us. That was an indication that the situation will be much better in the future.”

“Honestly, we didn’t think it would come true already at Silverstone because we had almost nothing new on the car. We were more looking forward to Budapest and Spa.”

Russell and Hamilton had the lead while the race was dry, but McLaren easily overtook them once the weather conditions started to change. At the end of the race, Verstappen was unable to catch up with Hamilton on a dry track, even though he had fast-degrading soft tires, unlike the hard ones used by Verstappen.

“We didn’t have medium tires, and the calculation was simple: we didn’t think hard was a good tire. Looking from this perspective, the ranking of tires by quality was probably medium, hard, then soft. But our degradation was solid compared to McLaren and that secured us the win.”