Hamilton: Mercedes will be in a stronger position after the new upgrades

Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes doesn’t yet have the fastest car, but expects it to improve significantly through upcoming upgrades.

The Silver Arrows took their second consecutive victory last weekend after ‘locking down’ the first starting row in qualifying at Silverstone.

Hamilton, who will leave the team at the end of the year, took his first victory in more than two and a half years at the British Grand Prix.

The seven-time champion noted that he was relieved that he would not be leaving Mercedes without another win.

“When we started the season and had a car where we weren’t even close to Red Bull, for example, not even close to looking like we were ever going to win during the year, it felt like it would be bittersweet at the end of the season, where you didn’t have something like today,” Hamilton said.

“The fact that we’ve really all come together, everyone’s done such a good job of getting the car to a place where we feel a lot more comfortable, it’s really changing from last year’s foundation. So [I] didn’t stay low, but [I] stayed high, which was our goal.”

However, the Briton believes there is still room for improvement in the W15 car.

“We still have a long, long way to go,” he points out. “The car is by no means the fastest car on the grid right now.”

“We are super close and I hope that with the next upgrades we will be in an even stronger position to really, really consistently fight in the front row.”

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has already hinted that his team will make improvements at the next two races: Hungary and Belgium.

Hamilton admitted that he owed his victory more to the car’s performance than George Russell did in Austria. Russell was driving third when Max Verstappen and Lando Norris collided as they battled for the lead and victory.

“George’s win last weekend was incredible, but it wasn’t off the pace,” he noted. “I think this weekend was the first time we did it on pure pace, qualifying on the front row and then, in that first stint, we both pulled away from everyone else.”

“Then, in the end, I think that according to today’s conditions the driver can make a small difference,” he made it clear.

The Mercedes driver then touched Niki Lauda, ​​who was an adviser to the German team until his death in 2019.

“I am very grateful to everyone in the team. I think this is just a hat off – Niki would definitely take it off – to everyone who continued to work hard. Everyone in the garage just keeps turning up every weekend and not giving up on results,” added Lewis Hamilton.