Hamilton has no regrets about moving to Ferrari despite the fact that Mercedes has improved its form

At the race in Spain, the Briton reached his first podium of the year.
Since the implementation of the new rules that came into force in 2022, the German team has not been able to find a good rhythm, which is why their drivers have not been competitive to fight for the very top. This drop in form may have been the key to Lewis Hamilton deciding to become a member of Ferrari from 2025, but since this year’s Canadian Grand Prix, Mercedes has found a new path that has brought him to the very top.

Thus, Lewis Hamilton managed to reach the third position on the track of Catalunya in front of George Russell, while on the other hand, the Ferrari drivers did not have a quality pace and so they crossed the finish line behind them. Despite this, the seven-time champion does not regret the move he made earlier.
“No, not at all.” said the Briton, “I have been with Mercedes since I was 13 years old and I have always supported Mercedes. My job this year, as now, is to work hard with the people I have around me, with the people in the factory so that we continue to develop in the right direction. Ultimately, whatever path and trajectory the team decides to take over the next year, for example, there are things that I’ve been a part of and I’m proud of that. My work starts next year with another team that is also doing a good job.”