Hamilton asks fans not to spread negativity with claims of favoritism

Lewis Hamilton has asked Formula 1 fans not to spread negativity following the recent debate about possible favoritism for his teammate George Russell .

Amid Hamilton’s departure to Ferrari at the end of 2024, his results compared to Russell have come under extra scrutiny, particularly in the context of the younger Briton having a significantly better qualifying record.

Russell is ahead of Hamilton by 14 points in the driver’s standings, and the younger Briton took the first pole position and the first podium at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Hamilton also prompted a particular focus on dynamics within Mercedes when he said something was wrong with his car’s performance after qualifying two places behind Russell in Monaco.

At the event, the focus was on how Russell drove Mercedes’ new front wing, which is credited with significantly improving the W15’s performance, and how Hamilton said he “anticipated it would be difficult to beat George because he has upgraded components.”

However, it is claimed that Hamilton was offered the same wing but decided against it as he felt that a qualifying accident was too risky in the circumstances.

This was due to the fact that Mercedes only had one example of the new wing at the time and breaking it would have meant going back to the older specification and starting from the pits in Monaco, where overtaking is essentially impossible.

The different cars of the Mercedes drivers in Canada led to significant rumors on social media that Mercedes may have favored Russell.

Ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend, Hamilton was specifically asked by journalists if he wanted to say anything to his fans regarding this development.

“Yeah, I think they know we’re…,” Hamilton replied. “If you look at the years, we have always been a strong team. We always worked very hard together.”

“It’s easy to get emotional. But I think it’s always… I even commented in the last race, for example, just my performance.”

“We need support, not negativity. I was not aware that George was experiencing negativity.”

“George gives his best every weekend and develops with the team. So, nothing can be blamed on him.”

“Of course, there can always be things that are better within the team. And that comes through conversation, through communication.”

“And that’s something we’re constantly working on. But we are all in the same position. We all work hard together. We all want to finish on a high and I feel we owe that to our long-term relationship,” added Lewis Hamilton.

When asked about the situation and Hamilton defending him, Russell replied: “To be honest, I don’t look at Instagram or Twitter.”

“I still sort of control my accounts, so what my team and all the content that goes out is through me — the subtitles, it’s all my messages.”