Wolff: The next few months will be very important for us

The German team did not start this season in the best way.
Due to the radical design and problems with bouncing, Mercedes struggled a lot during the first part of the season to bring the performance of the W13 into the best possible operating window, so then it could not keep up with Ferrari and Red Bull. Nevertheless, the team managed to reach several podiums, but since the Grand Prix of Canada, a significant improvement has been noted, which can be seen in the results.

However, it is clear that 2022 was difficult for Mercedes, which is why the team is slowly turning to the new season, so they have a period in front of them in which they have to make certain decisions related to the new car.

“It’s not like we found the Holy Grail.” said Toto Wolff . “But we have to be sure that we will have to do some things differently on the car for next year. The next few months will be very important.”