Wolff is still convinced that there is a solution for W13

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is still convinced that there is a solution for their car to be competitive, but adds that if they do not achieve this, then it will be resolved in a few months.
Mercedes had another extremely difficult racing weekend at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan. The bouncing of their car returned to the ‘wide’ door. Although they thought they had come up with a solution to this problem in Spain, it did not happen. Already in Monaco, they had difficulty jumping their car again.
In Baku, although they finished in 3rd and 4th place, respectively, their drivers again had big problems with their hope in the current season.
Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton complained about bouncing. After the race, it was difficult to get out of the car because he had problems with his spine, so it was thought that he could miss Canada, but the Briton soon denied it.
The boss says they are looking for all possible solutions for their W13. She thinks she will get him back on track. He believes that if they cannot solve the problem in a short period of time, then they will need several months.

“We are looking for all possible solutions under the leadership of Mike Elliot. He is a really strong technical director. “Everything is being watched and we will definitely get back on track,” says Wolff.
“If things cannot be resolved in the short term because they are conceptual, then they will be resolved in the next few months,” he added.
The Austrian assures that his team understands where their problems are, but is still looking for solutions.
“I think we know the root cause of our lack of performance, but we don’t have the answers yet that will be the best solution,” he explains.
“That’s what we’re experimenting with right now, and I still think there’s a short-term solution that makes us a lot more competitive, but that may not explain everything.