Wolff: I’d rather win than be second or third

Toto Wolff :
Zandvoort was a good track for us and both drivers performed to the maximum today with a strong car. We had some tough decisions to take with the safety car towards the end. With Lewis ahead, you can do two things: you can either pit him, lose track position against Verstappen and leave George out – screwed. You can pit both, but you are settling for P2 and P3 and we agreed as a team this morning to fight for the win, so it was worth the risk. I feel for Lewis, it’s highly emotional, you are that close, bracing for the win and then you are being eaten up. It’s clear that every emotion comes out but as I always say, we are the dustbin for the driver in the car. Lewis and I were just speaking and there are definitely more positives to take from this weekend, second and fourth, it’s annoying but we had a good race car here and that’s most important. You have got to take risks where we are. I’m confident we’ll get the win this season and we are going to try the maximum, we are a bit closer today and it is good fun in any case.

Source : Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team