Wolff : Hamilton’s lag in relation to Russell is the result of experimenting

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton has been unable to match his teammate George Russell in previous races due to the experimentation Mercedes has been doing on its cars.
Mercedes is trying to solve the problem of bouncing on its car because it has greatly damaged their performance, which is why they are far behind Ferrari and Red Bull.
With no additional options to test the car between races, the team has to try out new parts and settings during free practice.
Russell, who replaced Valtteri Bottas and came to Mercedes earlier this year, beat his team-mate for the third weekend in a row during yesterday’s qualifiers in the starting positions.
The head of Silver Arrows says that George was better as a result of experimenting with the settings on his cars because they are trying to solve their problem during that period.
“I think it’s too early to try to identify a pattern because I’m close to it, and I see that one session is faster and the next the next is even faster,” Wolff says.
“It’s because the car is on the edge and if you’re wrong in terms of experimenting on the car, what needs to be done to actually learn how to find performance, where to put the car: there are immediately two or three tenths in between,” he added.
“In the last three races, these experiments were wrong with Lewis, not George,” he points out.
Hamilton’s car is again under different specifications this weekend at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.
“Lewis has tested some experimental parts of the car. There was a different floor solution on his car that didn’t work, ” explains the Mercedes boss.
“The car was bouncing more and more, so that it reached the point where it became dangerous and could not get a performance,” concluded Toto Wolff.