Wolff confirmed that Mercedes made mistakes in several places when designing the W13

The German team expected to be at least a little more competitive at the French GP.
Although Lewis Hamilton and George Russell managed to reach the podium at the Paul Ricard circuit, the team boss admitted that this year the cars did not go backwards in just one thing, but several. He admitted that his team’s dominance over the past few years made them come into this season unprepared and that he knew the day would come when they would find themselves in trouble.

“And now we are in this situation,” Wolff answered when asked by an AFP journalist whether there will be at least one victory this year. “Before the weekend at Paul Ricard, I could have guaranteed that, but now I wonder how we are one second behind Max Verstappen and six tenths behind Ferrari. We have a long way to go before we can achieve this desired victory.”

In Formula 1, lap times never lie and according to the head of Mercedes, their car is not fast.

“We made a mistake in the mechanical and aerodynamic field, it’s not just one thing.” added the Austrian.