Wolff admitted that Mercedes does not understand its W13 very well

The head of the German team stated that they are struggling to understand the behavior of the car.
This time, Mercedes started the new season badly, and this situation is mostly due to a big change in the rules, where other teams did better. However, they managed to record two podiums in the first five races, but at the moment they are still writing the longest winless streak since the turbo era began.

“Since the beginning of the season, we seem to be flying in the fog.” said Toto Wolff for Motorsport. “It is clear that the car has potential and is fast, but we do not understand how to unlock the performance. It may be that it is difficult to drive, so it often falls out of the narrow framework where it works best. Also, it happens to us that the data we collect does not match what the drivers tell us, so the car itself is not predictable to drive.