Vision in Imagination: Alfa Romeo LEA Concept

Alfa Romeo is known for creating in history some of the most beautiful cars in the world. Regardless of whether it’s racing cars or cars that are legal for public roads, they’ve taken their breath wherever they appear. Although this concept (LEA) is not an official Italian manufacturer’s project, it definitely resembles something that Alfa Romeo could create.

This concept is the work of the designer Luigi Memola. He gave him the name LEA, which was shortened for the Linea Emotion Aerodynamics. It relates to a sports car with 3 doors and a design that represents the perfect combination of retro elements with modern components.
On the front of the LEA conept, a mask (grill) stands out from whose sides there are narrow, vertical headlights. Below them are round fog lights. There are also unusual wheels that simply look at the moms. At the front of the car there are also small, aerodynamic cameras that replaced traditional side mirrors.
Going to the rear, we see small doors and windows that look like they are connected to the windshield. At the back end, there are numerous components of carbon fiber, bright futuristic design that seem to be unconnected with the bodywork. Perhaps they are conceived as holograms. Whatever it is, it is certainly interesting. There is also a spoiler.

The next super car of the Italian manufacturer will be the successor to the 8C Competizione. Although we do not hope to look like this LEA concept, we believe it will be a very nice car.