Toto Wolff Says: Hopes For Strong Ferrari “We Missed Them”

Toto Wolff hopes that Ferrari will fight again for victories and titles, since Mercedes was missing at the top.

A new era is starting in Formula 1, and the first pre-season tests are scheduled for Wednesday. According to foreign media, one of the teams that should benefit from the new rules is Ferrari.
“As a fan, I love Ferrari,” said Wolff. “It is the biggest name in Formula 1, it seems impossible that Ferrari is not fighting for victories and titles. “Winning the trophy is something different, a lot of things need to coincide, but I think all sports fans want to see a competitive Ferrari.”

Mercedes has won eight titles in the hybrid era, and in recent years its main competitor has been the Red Bull team.

“We have missed Ferrari for the last few years. Because of the passion that everyone in Ferrari feels, as well as Tifos in Italy, it is important that their car is competitive. I hope that this year there will be several teams that will be able to win the races. “

Wolff is aware of the competition that his team will have this year.

“I am not writing off any team. “Everyone could be at the top of the table at the beginning of the season.”

The first tests will be conducted in Spain from February 23 to 25, while the others are on the program in Bahrain from March 10 to 12.

The season starts in Bahrain with a race on March 20, which you will be able to watch on the Sport Club channels.