This is the new Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volkswagen also officially unveiled the eighth generation of the popular Golf last week, while its sporting versions are expected next year.

On offer will be the 2020 Sport GTI with 2.0 liter turbo petrol and 235hp-250hp, followed by the Golf GTI Cup with about 290hp, as well as the Golf R which will have about 330hp. The Golf R will not have the so-called Drift mode or all-wheel steering as announced by the factory.

As for the Golf GTI, the package will also include larger alloy wheels, an aero package (front spoiler, sills, rear diffuser, rear roof spoiler …), front honeycomb hood with red trim and GTI logo, leather steering wheel with flattened lower partly with red seams, as well as sport pedals and seats with a distinctive checkered pattern.
Like other versions, the Golf GTI will also receive a new infotainment system with a touch screen, head-up display, digital instrument panel, “Travel Assist” semi-autonomous driving system, as well as a Car2X system that enables the new Golf to communicate and exchange information with the environment.

Rendering: X-Tomi Design / Auto-moto. com