This could be the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta

In June, FCA introduced the new five-year (2018-2022) business plan of the company, which is the focus of Alfa Romeo.

While announcing new models, the return of the GTV and 8C icon, it was also mentioned that the current Helium Giulietta will be refreshed. It was a bit disappointing to fans of Alfa Romeo with the impression that the current version has been on the market for eight years, so it was expected significantly more. Considering the current road that drives Alfa Romeo, it is reasonable to expect Giullieta to collect a lot of stylistic details from the latest products from this company Giulia and Stelvio

However, what will surely be pleasing lovers is that the key change is expected under the hood. The updated version of Giulliete should get the latest developed aggregates that were premiere in the redesigned Jeep Renegade for 2019.

They are a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo with 120 hp and a larger 1.3-liter four-cylinder that comes in two variants – with 150 and 180 hp. Considering that Alfa promised full electrification of its game by 2022, this means that Giulietta will get at least a hybrid version of the plant that will bring lower consumption and lower emissions.

In the meantime, Alfa Romeo has raised hands from its smallest MiTo model. Rendering: