The World’s Fastest Honda

Made exclusively for 402 m drag races, this specially modified Honda S2000 produces 375 hp from each of the four cylinders.

Until Ferrari 458 Italia, Honda S2000 was on the top of the Japanese market with most horse powers per liter for cars with atmospheric engine, producing 247 hp from its 1.997 cm3 powertrain.

This Honda S2000 has four-cylinder engine and it uses a lot of new elements including giant turbo charger. The results is 1.351 hp delivered to the rear wheels, which is amazing  375 hp per cylinder.
Thus, this S2000 is brutally fast. So fast, that it is the fastest in the world with recently set record on 402 m drag race with top speed of 300 km/h and 6.9 sec race time. These are really amazing results for a car with four small cylinders.