The Ultimate 2017 Ford Raptor F-150 For Sale

 2017 Ford F-150
The Ultimate Gen 2 Ford Raptor – SDHQ ICON TOYO Luxury Prerunner up for sale on ebay US $112,500 

With the perfect mix of off-road capabilities, durability, and style, this SDHQ Built Raptor is the pinnacle of premier luxury off-road vehicles.

Built entirely by SDHQ Offroad in Gilbert Arizona, the quality of fabrication, attention to detail, and durability are unmatched by any other Gen 2 Raptor build to date.

With over $100,000 invested in aftermarket accessories and upgrades alone, the Ultimate Second Generation Raptor is now up for grabs.

SDHQ has taken the time to address every single short coming of the stock Raptor platform and has improved the performance and reliability of all systems. A handful of the upgrades are below:

-Full ICON suspension with 3.0 coilovers, bypasses, billet control arms, and bump stop kit

-SDHQ’s +2″ Fenders & Bedsides

-37″ Toyo Open Country M/T Tires

-ICON Alloy’s 17″ Rebound Wheels

-SDHQ Custom One Off Front & Rear Bumpers

-Baja Designs Forward and Rearward Facing Lighting for safety and performance

-LeadNav Off-Road Navigation System

-PCI Race Radio Communications

-Upfitter to Switch Pros Conversion Mounting System

-Alignment Cam Kit

-Deaver Leaf Springs

-MAXTRAX Recovery System

-Factor 55 Hawse Fairlead & Winch

In addition to all these upgrades, this Raptor is also equipped with many more upgrades including SDHQ’s Custom Bedcage Chase System which includes the following: Power Tank Portable Air System, fire extinguishers, a massive ProEagle “Big Wheel” Jack, Fuel Jugs, Full AFE Intake and Exhaust System, and storage space for recovery gear!

Current mileage is 31,500

Ready to take on anything from the Baja Peninsula to the Rocky Mountains, this SDHQ Built Gen 2 Raptor will take you anywhere you want to go.

Source: ebay