The Rules Do Not Apply To Hamilton

The saga continues regarding the decision of the FIA ‚Äč‚Äčleader that Formula 1 drivers are not allowed to wear jewelry during the races in the fastest caravan.
However, this rule will not apply to Lewis Hamilton. At least not in the next three races of the championship. The seven-time world champion received permission to leave a nose piercing until the end of June.
The reason given is that it is difficult for the British to remove the earring from that place. Hamilton has already pointed out on several occasions that he does not want to remove jewelry from his body.

  • Their explanation is that everything is done in the interest of the driver and our safety. I have had a piercing for 16 years, which means that they did not care about my safety in the previous period. In general, I think that this story is overemphasized and that we as a sport have to deal with much more serious problems – Hamilton pointed out.

The Formula 1 Championship continues this weekend with the race for the Monaco Grand Prix