The next Volkswagen Golf 9 Might Be Called The ID. Golf

Some reports from Germany have suggested in recent months that the current Volkswagen Golf could be the last as the company focuses on electric vehicles.

However, in a new interview with the UK’s Autocar, the managing director of Volkswagen passenger cars,Thomas Schafer, suggested that this is not the case. As he noted, “We wouldn’t abandon the Golf name, not at all.”

Schafer further explained: “We have legendary brand names, Golf and GTI. It would be crazy to let them die.” However, the names could change a bit so that the next-generation electric model could potentially become the “ID.Golf.”

In this connection, the question arises as to what will happen to ID.3. Schafer claims there is room for both models to be sold side by side because the ID.3 “was never the successor to the Golf, it’s more of a Golf Plus.”

The ID.Golf could slot in below the ID.3, while the ID.Golf GTI and eventual ID.Golf R could appeal to enthusiasts. However, such changes are still far away because Volkswagen is working on a restyled Golf, and it is expected that the eighth generation model will remain on sale for another five or six years.