The future is here: The new Ford Mustang is coming in 2023

The new Ford Mustang will be a hybrid, but retains the V8
Ford inadvertently revealed when the next Mustang will be released on the market – and through a job advertisement published on the company’s website and LinkedIn portal. This listing impresses a Mustang 6G forum user. It refers to the new Mustang with the designation S650 (its predecessor was called the S550) – and it is clear that the model was supposed to be launched in 2022.

However, this plan failed. The seventh generation is likely to be introduced by the end of this year, but won’t be in dealerships until 2024.

The design of the current model is likely to be further developed

We don’t expect a radically new design, Ford will probably just develop the lines of the current model, incorporating elements from the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV (eg the shape of the radiator grille and the design of the side air intakes). The shape of the body will be preserved – but there will be fewer edges and curves. Inside, Ford is likely to bring in a portrait-format screen from the Mach-E, and the digital cockpit will be upgraded with new displays or better resolution.

Two hybrid options

Engine information was also leaked on a Mustang forum – again coming from LinkedIn. There, a former Ford engineer has revealed that he worked on two hybrid versions of the cult model. According to the publication, there would be a 2.3-liter hybrid, as well as an electrified version of the 5-liter V8-modification. To the Australian site Wheels Ali Jamul, Vehicle Program Director at Ford Performance officially confirmed the information about the preservation of the “eight”.

Ford Mustang GT Concept renderings : Minh D. Nguyen