SHOCK IN FORMULA 1 – They Want To Take The Title From Verstappen!

Zak Brown, the first man of McLaren raised a storm because he publicly demand harsh punishments for Red Bull for violations in the last two, as well as in this season! The first man of McLaren Zak Brown raised a real storm in Formula 1, as he requested harsh penalties for the Red Bull team for breaking through the allowed budget last season . In the year in which Max Verstappen won the title in the last race of the season, Red Bull broke the budget, and if Braun’s proposal were to pass, it could mean taking away the title from Verstappen!

In the letter he sent to FIA President Mohamed Ben Sulayem , Braun wrote that breaking the budget is a clear cheating, and he also asked that Red Bull’s budget this year be reduced by an amount that is double compared to the one with which they exceeded their budget last season. He also asked to limit their work on the car for the next season, but also to deduct points! ” A $2,000,000 budget breach in 2021 that was found in 2022 would result in a $4,000,000 budget cut in 2023. In addition, we believe there should be other penalties that should apply the following year to it was punished that this team had an advantage over others ,” Brown’s letter reads. Check out the details of the last race of the previous season in which Verstappen took the title that could now be taken from him. The 2021 season is the first in which the budget cap was introduced and it was set at $145,000,000 . In that season, both Aston Martin and Williams broke the budget . As for Red Bull , they still deny that they exceeded the budget and point out that they are surprised by the attacks of McLaren boss .

Now it is up to the FIA ​​to see if they will accept or reject the proposal to punish Red Bull, and after the investigation, in the worst case, the team could be without both titles from 2021 – constructors’ and Verstappen’s! In order for that to happen, it is necessary that, in addition to the fines that have been proposed, Red Bull’s points should also be taken away, which is also requested!

” We do not feel that a financial penalty alone would be sufficient in the case of this very serious violation. A penalty in the sporting sense is also needed, which would be determined by the FIA ,” Braun emphasized.

Even the smallest penalty would threaten the title for Verstappen because he finished the season with 395.5 points, ahead of Lewis Hamilton with 387.5, which is only eight points difference. As for Red Bull, they finished second in the constructors’ race, far ahead of third-placed Ferrari, and the possible loss of constructors’ points would mean nothing to them.