Red Bull guilty of violation of regulations, Verstappen retains the title

The Red Bull team in the Formula One championship violated budget regulations last season, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) announced today, according to British media.

In a statement from the FIA, it is stated that Red Bull committed a minor offence, as did Aston Martin. However, the penalty for these two teams has not been determined. Both teams will have the right to appeal after the penalty is announced.

British media remind that exceeding the budget limit by less than five percent is considered a minor violation of the rules.

The FIA ​​has confirmed that the Red Bull team will remain the owner of the championship title in F1 for 2021 and 2022. Red Bull driver Max Verstappen won the driver’s title last season, while the constructor’s title went to Mercedes.

Yesterday at the Japanese Grand Prix, Verstappen secured a new title four races before the end of the championship, as he has an unattainable 366 points. Red Bull is currently in first place in the constructors’ overall standings with 619 points, while Ferrari has 454.