Official Renault F1 Team 2019 R.S.19 Ex-Race Car Build For Sale

Just imagine a situation in which you own a Formula 1 car …
Yes, you read that right, Renault’s F1 car is on sale, and this special model is sold without an engine and with a cut­off part of the chassis to see the hybrid system.
F1 Autentics sells this car, and it was worked on by experts from Renault who used the original parts used in the garages during the official Formula 1 races,and the car looks like the one used in the 2019 season.
The car has reached a price of 25,100 pounds and is expected to grow further.

Chassis/Livery: 2016 Chassis (R.S.16), 2019 Livery (R.S.19) Renault

Livery Race History: 5th place (Constructors’ Championship), 9th & 14th place (Drivers’ Championship)

Livery Records: 4th place in Italy (Daniel Ricciardo)

Technical Specifications:

  • Front suspension features all genuine used parts including carbon wishbones, front wheel uprights, front discs and brake callipers (AP Racing)
  • Chassis components include front heave damper system rockers and steering rack all original parts
  • Genuine race-used cooling radiators and ducting
  • Engine race-used block with Turbo and Compressor assembly
  • MGUH FIA sealed race-used
  • MGUK race-used
  • Gear box genuine used with front cover plate and part rear suspension components
  • Rear wishbone and drive shafts all genuine used parts
  • Rear wing mounting pillar genuine part
  • Body work genuine parts including race-used floor
  • Font wing assembly is genuine with front adjuster system still intact and functional
  • Cutaway section revealing interior