Official : New Volkswagen Golf Mk8 comes in June 2019 and costs € 18,000!

Volkswagen announced that the production of the new generation of Golf, eighth, will start in June 2019. The first car to be produced by 120 suppliers will be completed in 75 weeks from today. “The new Golf will introduce the VW into a new era of fully integrated cars with increased autonomous driving functions, it will have more software than ever before. It will always be online, and its digital cockpit and systems will be a benchmark for connectivity and security,” said is the head of the Volkswagen small vehicle sector Karlhajnec Hel, The Golf is the most popular model in the history of Volkswagen and the second best-selling car of all time, with nearly 35 million units for more than four decades. It is a hatchback class icon, but also a vehicle that dictates the trend in the auto industry, which not only monitors VW models but also competes.
The Golf Mk8 will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2019, and VW has announced that it will take a conservative approach in an outer appearance with many changes in the interior. Also, this Golf will for the first time have a hybrid drive with a 48-volt system, a similar version that is built into the Audi A8, which will enable it to completely shut off the engine while cruising to save fuel. Although the global auto industry focuses on electric vehicles, and part of it is the new electric Golf I.D, VW’s leaders are convinced that the traditional Golf will continue to be the backbone of the company with a new generation.
As for the conventional engines, a 1.0-liter petrol-powered three-cylinder with 95 and 116 hp, followed by 1.5-liter with 130 and 150, and the strongest 2.0-liter with 197 hp. The diesel engine comes only in the 2.0-liter version in the power range of 122-224 hp, and from Wolfsburg announce and enhanced sports versions. VW invested about 1.8 billion euros in the new Golf model, including the upgrading of the factory in Wolfsburg, which daily throws more than 2,000 units. The German company claims that Golf will again be a “national car”, that is, its price will fall. The starting price is about 18,000 euros.