Nissan Finally Confirmed – The Successor 370Z Arrives

Nissan Vice President for Global Design Alfonso Albaisa has confirmed that the Japanese company is working on the successor of the 370Z.

The current generation of the popular two-seater coupe with rear axle drive is up for almost a decade, making it one of the oldest sports models that can be bought.

The last months have often been speculated about the long-awaited direct successor, and this is finally confirmed.

The man who is “responsible” for the impressive Infiniti Prototype 9 and no less shimmering Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept, acknowledged during his correspondence with the social network with fans of Nissan from Australia, he resolved all the negligence.

“With a car, my God, a huge pressure. You can only imagine how excited I am in the position to work on it,” wrote one of the most prominent officials of Nissan.

It is speculated that Nissan could launch a new generation of Z models in about a year, at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2019.

It will be a perfect moment because it will take half a century from the first Z model that Nissan has released.

Although Albania did not offer any additional information, Japan speculates that Nissan is cooperating with
Mercedes, and is allegedly planning to borrow a 2.0-liter four-cylinder from a German giant, while taking the 3.0-liter V6 from the Inifinitia.

The strongest version of the new Nissan Z would be able to develop around 400 hp with this unit, and probably Nissan will eventually offer a hybrid version.

Of course, this rumor should be taken with reserve, but it is not impossible to cooperate similarly because we already have such an example of a Japanese-German relationship as Toyota and BMW have developed together their Supra and Z4 brands.

In the end, only one thing is important – a new generation of Nissan Z models is coming.