Nicolas Cage’s 1967 Ford Mustang From ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ For Sale

There is no doubt that the Mustang is an icon when it comes to movies in which cars often appear, and now one copy has been offered for sale. The Mustang has appeared in numerous films such as “Bullitt”, “The Thomas Crown Affair”, “Diamonds are forever” and “Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift”, and the one used during the filming of “Gone In 60 Second” is looking for a new one owner. Known as the Eleanor Mustang, the “main” car from the aforementioned film is actually a significantly modified 1967 Mustang Shelby GT500. It was directed by actor Nicolas Cage in the 2000 film. This is the seventh of a total of 10 copies made, and today there are only three. Under the hood is a Ford Racin 5.8­liter V8 engine that develops 400 hp, and that power from the rear axle via a four­speed manual transmission. The car has covered 117,184 km and is sold by the German company ChromeCars. The price has not been announced, but given the popularity and exclusivity, it is definitely not low.