Next-Generation VW Golf 8 Details

Larger and more streamlined: From mid-2019, the new VW Golf VIII will be released from production lines. The German automobile club ADAC presented the current knowledge about the new model.

One thing is certain: There will be no surprises in the design of the new Golf because this model is still responsible for the lion’s share of Volkswagen sales. For example, in Germany every third sell VW is the Golf so clearly the optical changes must be moderate.

Important: The offer will not be a 3-door version because Volkswagen wants to rationalize the model to reduce production costs.

VW will also abolish the Sportvan, instead of having the Golf Golf fans available on the SUV model.

Shortly after the launch of the hatchback, the Golf Variant continues to be on the market, which is still very popular despite the expansion of the SUV model. 

Golf VIII should get a few inches in width and length, which will be felt by passengers in the cabin as well as the boot, which will have a volume of 400 liters (+20 liters). Despite the growth of the eighth dimension, it will be eased by 50 pounds.

Changes in the interior will be much more visible. In addition to virtual instruments and touchscreen controls, which can already be found in the current model, VW also announces a series of functions with voice command

As for the engine, the launch will be a 1.0 liter 3-cylinder turbocharger (95 hp), while the bestseller should become the 1.5 TSI version (130 or 150 hp) with variable turbine geometry and deactivating two of the four cylinders.

Of course, the pallet will also include electric e-Golf and the plug-in hybrid GT-E. On the German market, Golf VIII will be available at the price of the base version below 20,000 euros, but will get more equipment and space and a more modern technique.