Next generation Honda Civic Type R will be a hybrid with 400 hp

At the showroom at the salon in Geneva, the Japanese announced that by 2025 all their models would be electrified, and this would apply to Hondu Civic Type R.

Although fans will not like the information that the most bizarre Civic of the next generation becomes a hybrid, this is a fact from which it is impossible to escape. Namely, such a breakdown of events is entirely new in the direction announced in Geneva.

The current Civic will be sold until the beginning of 2021, and by the middle of the same year a new generation will arrive and the new Honda Civic Type R will not arrive in the market until mid 2022.

For now, no technical data is known, but specialized Japanese automotive media, referring to sources close to the manufacturer, claim that the new Honda Civic Type R should combine a 2-liter turbocharger from the current model and two electric motors.
In that case, the gasoline will continue to drive the front wheels, while both electric motors will be sent to the rear. So it will be the first Honda Civic Type R in the history of all-wheel drive, and a combined power of at least 400 hp will offer performance that will set new benchmarks among C-segment athletes.