Next-Gen Subaru WRX STI ! Could This Be The 2020 STI?

It should reach the peak of the Impreza in 2020, with a look inspired by racing cars and over 300 hp
Paraphrasing Jessica Rabbit, it’s not her fault that they designed it like Subaru . The Impreza is in fact a quiet sedan with four or five doors, not too devoted to sportsmanship, which in the sports version WRX STi takes on an aspect precisely by Jessica Rabbit: it is inspired by rallies and then becomes provocative and damn sexy.

It is with this premise that we have developed the exclusive reconstruction of the new Subaru WRX STi , expected in 2020, a car symbol among the high performance sedans that is the spearhead in the Impreza list, even more than the “pepata” WRX .

To inspire our rendering is the prototype Subaru Viziv Performance STi Concept , which made it very clearly understand how it will look like the new WRX STi. The Subaru Tecnica International sports department will expand the bumpers, which will have increased air intakes, and will add the typical cooling grip on the bonnet, essential to cool the engine but also to give the car a style without compromise.
The highlight of the WRX STi will be the huge rear wing , a detail inspired by the rally cars (where it dominated in the 90s with the Impreza) that will make the WRX STi completely unmistakable.
However, the Japanese company was careful not to reveal the engine of the Viziv Performance STi. Even without knowing it, we can imagine that the new WRX STi will have a boxer like all the Subaru, which could develop a few more CVs compared to the 305 of the last model.
The rivals of the rest have “broke down” for some time share 300 hp (the Honda Civic Type R has 320 hp) and the Japanese sedan does not intend to look from the bottom up. The power will be discharged to the ground on the four wheels, in line with all the Subaru.