Next-Gen Ford Mustang Arrives In 2021, Brings AWD Option!

Ford is in the process of redesigning the Mustang, which means that the popular muscle car will soon move to a modular platform, as the manufacturer reduces the total number of platforms to just five. we are reporting that a redesigned Mustang is expected as early as 2021. Ford confirmed in early 2017 that it would launch a hybrid version of the Mustang in 2020, though it is unclear whether it will be based on the current generation of cars or redesigned.

Given that the next generation is announced for 2021, it is likely that we will see the hybrid Mustang as part of the current, sixth generation
What will certainly annoy some Mustang fans is Ford’s decision to move to a modular platform, probably a self-supporting body with a rear-drive setup (optional AWD), which comes with upcoming generations of Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviators.

But Mustang’s head of design, Darrell Behmer, told Automotive News that fans have nothing to worry about. “The Mustang will remain a powerful, very proportional vehicle,” Behmer said. “Modular platforms will give us flexibility and will not bastardize the Mustang.” Mustang’s rivals, the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger already use modular platforms. The AWD option is just a bonus that will allow Ford to attract customers from parts with heavy and long winters. Currently, of the three muscle emperors, only Challenger offers the option of running on sim wheels.

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