Wolff: We Can Build The Fastest Car

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says that it is up to their team to prove that they can make the fastest car and thus provide themselves with the best driver line-up.

The signing of Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari caused great embarrassment for Mercedes. The British driver used a contract clause he had in his contract.

Last year, the Mercedes boss and his driver said that everything was fine with regards to their contract extension and that they always have enough time to sort it all out.

However, information began to arrive that the two had a financial dispute and that the seven-time champion left things in the hands of his manager.

After a certain time, Mercedes announced that they had signed a one-year contract to their mutual satisfaction. However, they did not state in it that the option of early withdrawal from the contract was included.

Hamilton decided to activate his aforementioned clause and sign a long-term contract with Ferrari. But it turned out that the seven-time champion asked for more than 2 years, and Mercedes did not want to sign it.

Likewise, many names have already been mentioned that will most likely go the way of the Brit because he wants to provide himself with capable people to build him a car with which he will return to the winning track.

The Mercedes boss also knows that to bring top drivers you need to have a competitive car. The Austrian notes that such a thing is necessary and that they are capable of doing it.

“Drivers simply want to sit in the fastest cars,” he told Germany’s RTL.

“So, in this regard, it is up to us to show that we can make the fastest car, in the short term, but also in the long term, considering the new regulations,” he pointed out.

“Maybe opportunities can come from that. The ball is in our court,” he added.