New VW Golf VIII comes in September 2019

 New details of the arrival of a brand new generation of the most popular compact are known. The new Golf should debut in 2019 at the car saloon in Frankfurt, along with the electric model I.D, reports the British AutoExpress. Contrary to earlier announcements, I.D. To be the carrier of Volkswagen’s future, it still remains Golf. “The priority is the Golf, because the new generation will be our basic product, and that’s in focus, You can call it Das Auto again,” said head of Volkswagen Volkswagens Herbert Diess 
 As the majority assumed, the design of the new Golf does not bring anything dramatic, especially in terms of the relationship of basic dimensions. A more modern look of the front will provide a more attractive light group, and the side silhouette should reveal a lower position of the bonnet. In the back, the pattern will be Arteon, but we repeat, without big excursions into the unknown. On the other hand, the cabin will offer a whole new experience. The switches are already undesirable, and in the new Golf they will give way to digital screens. The supply of space will increase, and the quality of materials will continue to be improved. Installed on a modified MQB platform, the Golf will lose up to 70kg, while the engine’s offer will be powered by 1.5-liter turbo engines including the new diesel engine. Also, it is realistic to expect the slow introduction of hybrid technologies and retention of the GTE version. On the other hand, e-Golf goes into history, and it will be replaced by I.D.