New VW Golf 9 (2026) New Bonnet With TSI And TDI Engines

Volkswagen Golf 9 will be the latest in advanced technology, until the arrival of fully electric. It will be powered by hybrid drives based on TSI and TDI engines, which will extend their life until 2035, reports Autozeitung de

After the arrival of the current Volkswagen Golf 8, which started worse than expected in the spring of 2020 (mostly due to the controversial front grille ‘with eyebrows’), it was rumored that this is the last Volkswagen Golf. However, after the euphoria with electric cars and the announcement that petrol and diesel engines would be switched off as early as 2025, and that the eighth Golf could be the last, Wolfsburg ‘pulled the trigger’.

As already announced that the Volkswagen Passat 9 will arrive in 2023, the last Passat in the series (the sequel will be electric, ‘directed’ by Volkswagen ID.4), announcements are coming from Wolfsburg of the model, Volkswagen Golf 9, scheduled for 2026. New the Volkswagen Golf will be built on a modular. The length will increase from 428 to 436, the width from 179 to 183 cm, and the height will be reduced from 146 to 144 cm. The wheelbase will increase from 264 to 269 cm.
This will help increase comfort, especially in the rear. It is being developed on an upgraded MQB platform with a 55 percent increase in high-strength steel, with hoods and an aluminum roof, which, despite increased dimensions and higher safety standards, will reduce weight by 35 kilograms. In Wolfsburg, they got burned with the design of the front part of the Eight, so they planned a more elegant and attractive form for the Volkswagen Golf 9, while reducing the coefficient of air resistance to 0.25.

All of this will be a balm to improve performance and reduce fuel consumption, and all engines will be hybrid (mild or plug-in). The base will be turbocharged 1.0 TSI and 1.5 e-TSI and a 2.0 TDI turbodiesel (yes and he!), With 48V mild hybrid support, with a belt starter-generator. The plug-in hybrid, based on the 1st e-TSI turbo petrol, will be important, and all engines will meet Euro 7 environmental standards. In Wolfsburg, they are calculating with investments of 2,000 to 3,000 euros per vehicle, to meet the new environmental standards.

There will be no electric e-Golf model, as its role will be taken over by Volkswagen ID.3. So, the Volkswagen Golf 9, which is expected in 2026, will be the last (conditionally speaking) classic Golf. After that, only electric models will be offered.

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